Campfires and music: Musician Gwyneth Herbert at Secret Location in East London

  • Gwyneth Herbert & The Magic Lantern will be performing at a Campfire Club 2016 from 7pm to 11pm @ The Campfire Club @ From The Factory
    £8 online or £10 on the door. She says "You’re invited to join in the Campfire Club! In time-honoured fashion we will gather around roaring blazes enveloped in music and entertainment. High spirits will be maintained with good ol’ sing-a-longs, storytelling, special guests and who knows what else. Every fire will be a unique event with a magic concoction of spontaneity, rare talents and the unknown, all drenched in the sepia tones of firelight and tinged with wooded aromas." For tickets and to find out where it is!! go to