Congratulations to fellow Michael Simpson

  • Michael Simpson scooped the prestigious John Moores painting prize for a piece of work which artist Ansel Krut called a “wonderfully understated, conceptually elegant work” recalling the church interiors painted by the 17th-century Dutch artist Pieter Saenredam. Simpson won an Arts Foundation fellowship for painting back in 2000 while working on his series of Bench paintings. This year he won for a painting called Leper Squint 19, depicting a ladder underneath a “leper squint” – a medieval church window that allowed people with leprosy, and other “undesirables”, a chance to watch sermons below. Ansel goes on to say, “The painting uses an almost minimal vocabulary to open up a world of great sympathetic imagination. It touches on the nature of silence, on distance and on exclusion. But most importantly, it touches on the privileges of looking.” Well done Michael.