Last Chance to see Simon Fujiwara at the Photographers Gallery

  • Ending on the 29th January, Simon's exhibition 'Joanne' explores the artist's former secondary school art teacher Joanne Sully in different shades and lights. The teacher had a profound impact on the creative development of the artist during his stint as a scholarship student at the prestigious Harrow School for boys. But, Joanne’s reputation as a teacher and a public figure, faced the wrath of the media campaigns upon the discovery and circulation of a tabloid scandal featuring her in certain private photographs which are deemed objectionable in conservative social standards. Five years later, the artist Simon Fujiwara and his inspirational subject Joanne, embarked on the production of this short film that unfolds the struggle she had to wade through in the wake of the scandal that aimed to tarnish her image presenting a very complex picture of her. The exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery attempts to address the issues around the representation of women in social media, the tabloid press and consumer culture