• 25-02-2016
  • Literary Translation Fellow Deborah Smith launches Publishing House

  • Tilted Axis' official launch party is happening on 11th April at the Free Word Centre. There will be flash readings from authors and translators, music and prizes, plus opportunities to meet the team and get involved. Tickets are available here: https://www.freewordcentre.com/events/detail/tap-launch.

    The not-for-profit company aims to 'shake up contemporary world literature with books that are stylistically and/or politically radical, translated from Asian languages'. After a successful bid for start-up funding from the Arts Council last year, Smith hired digital producer Simon Collinson, publicist Sarah Shin and art director Soraya Gilanni. Their first book, Panty by Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay, will be published in June in Arunava Sinha's translation – a darkly surreal, stylistically daring Bengali novella which has already garnered comparisons with Elena Ferrante. This will be followed in September by the award-winning debut novel from Hwang Jung-eun, one of South Korea's bright young literary stars – All Our Shadows, which will be translated by Jung Yewon, follows the awkward, tentative relationship between two young people in a Seoul slum, and combines hard-edged social criticism with oblique fantasy and offbeat dialogue. Finally for 2016, Tilted Axis publishes a feminist, environmentalist, anti-colonialist narrative poem by Indonesian disability activist Khairani Barokka – the team will be fundraising to produce an edition including a Braille translation and 'tactile' artwork, to be distributed free to schools and libraries. Further titles from Thai, Uzbek and Japanese are forthcoming in 2017.

  • 01-02-2016
  • More funding for our artists

  • Read Lyn Gardners' spot in the Guardian re the need for more funding for Artists and the Arts Foundation Awards.http://www.theguardian.com/stage/theatreblog/2016/jan/29/artists-arts-foundation-awards-greg-sinclair-childrens-theatre

  • 29-01-2016

  • Guest of Honour Sebastian Faulks opened the envelopes last night at 20th Century Theatre, London, to announce six new recipients of the 2016 Awards. Winners were Deborah Smith (Literary Translation, pictured on right with runners up Ruth, Sophie, Rosalind from left), Vann Kwok (Jewellery Design), Carmen Hijosa (Materials Innovation), Ruth Ewan (Art in Urban Space), Laura Ducceschi (Producers of Live Music) and Gregory Sinclair (Children's Theatre). The fellowships are given to support the creative practice of the artists, giving essential breathing space with no strings attached. Each category was introduced by one member of the judging panels which were specific to each art form, Jude Kelly CBE (Southbank), Simon Andrews (Christies), Joao Wilbert (Google Creative Lab), Michaela Crimmin (Culture + Conflict), Amanda Hopkinson (National Translation Day) and Gabriel Prokofiev (Nonclassical). The runners up didn't leave empty handed either, each receiving cheques of £1,000. For full details of the artists go to http://www.artsfoundation.co.uk/winners-and-shortlist/2016

  • 07-01-2016
  • Vann Kwok's jewellery in London Short Film Festival

  • The London Short Film Festival is nearly here with a feast of films and special events to please nearly everyone! Shortlisted for the Arts Foundation Fellowship in Jewellery Design Vann Kwok prefers her work to be displayed out of the cabinet and taken into the world of moving image, allowing it to interact with the body movement, sound, lighting, rhythm and time. Made by Anafelle Liu the film 'Out of Flux' depicts a surrealist encounter with the jewellery of Vann Kwok; a living sculpture traversed through glimpses of absurdity. For more information go to http://shortfilms.org.uk/events/2016-01-13-new-shorts-music-video
    The festival runs from the 8th to the 17th Jan. Book your tickets here : bit.ly/LSFF2016Industry