Angie Bual (Arts Producer, 2015)

Angie Bual

Fellow in 2015 for Arts Producer

Angie Bual is the director of Trigger, a cross art form producing organization. Her craving for a more democratic artistic experience came out of her presence on London’s spoken word scene where she faced a more upfront, immediate and intimate landscape. Angie’s project Visit in 2013 mirrored that intimate experience in the process of bringing performances to the homes of those who had access difficulties. Creating partnerships with seven charities in Scotland the pieces were developed with the needs of their particular audiences in mind and shown to small audiences in living rooms in Scotland across the winter. Another participatory project Allotment in 2010, undertaken while Associate Producer at the National Theatre of Scotland, was based in an empty market unit at a shopping mall in Glasgow’s Govan. Bual’s interest in including performers and theatre makers not from traditional ‘theatre’ education routes was again realised when she commissioned local shipbuilders to make a set, teamed travellers with visual artists to create a moving sculpture, commissioned knitters to make big woollen sculptures and enabled local karaoke enthusiasts to perform. This cross pollination of art forms and skills she believes can produces something unexpected as well as crossing over audiences to form new bonds. Angie is currently in China developing the idea of creating games with the virtual and real worlds combined.