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Finalist #02: Sonya Dyer

Category : #VisualArt

Featured work: 'Andromeda Mission: Anarcha II' (2019). (Sculpture). Image credit: Jules Lister

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Finalist #01: Ayo Akingbade
Category : #VisualArt
Featured work: 'So They Say', Super 16mm transferred to HD file, colour, sound, 11 min
Commissioned by @Create_London
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Introducing the #2021AFFA Finalist Countdown! For the coming five weeks we will be counting down through artworks and creative projects from our twenty fabulous 2021 #ArtsFoundationFuturesAward #AFFAFinalists! Read more on our IG:

Sea ice forming in the shallows, shaped by the tide—Baffin Bay.

‘Absolutely exquisite. This little book is a work of art. It is impossible to imagine the reader who will not love it.’

- Horatio Clare, author of The Light in the Dark

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