Benjamin Tassie (Performing Arts: 25th Anniversary Awards, 2018)

Benjamin Tassie

In Benjamin’s music, sonic elements from avant-garde electronic pop, or from historic repertoire, are reshaped, reframed and reimagined within a contemporary, art-music setting. His practice is part of an emerging, London-centric scene and he runs ‘_remix’, a classical club night with DJs and live performances, combining music from across genres with venues such as the V&A and Dulwich Picture Gallery hosting nights.
Performances of his own music have been at both music venues such as Rockwood Music Hall (New York), as well as alternative venues such as The Macbeth and the Zaha Hadid gallery. His latest EP entitled ‘wurl’ which was the culmination of collaborations with Joby Burgess, Mainly Two and Liam Byrne was made with funds from Sound and Music and the British Music Collection with whom he was New Voice Composer in 2015. He has also collaborated with poets including Annie Freud on a new choral work, ‘Silvertown’ for the London Festival of Architecture in 2017 and with Jacqueline Saphra for The Poetry Society and Ledbury Festival. He has also collaborated widely with dancers at Rambert working recently with choreographer Luke Ahmet for performances at Wilton’s Music Hall and the Wilderness Festival.