Eleesha Drennan (Performing Arts: 25th Anniversary Awards, 2018)

Eleesha Drennan

Eleesha is passionately dedicated to making high quality contemporary dance that invigorates audiences and gives them the space to deal with questions surrounding human existence. Her project ‘Channel Rose’ centered around the idea of what it means to ‘see the world through rose-tinted glasses’ with the dancers seeking utopia in a literal onstage sandbox of their characters’ imagination. The music was composed by Mark Bowden and it was performed at Wales Millennium Centre in 2014 and London’s The Place in 2015.
Her latest completed project ‘The Polyphonic Playground’ was performed over seven shows at the London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The playground (literally that) was an interactive installation which served both as an interactive space for the audience as well as a place for performance work and sparked a new interest for Eleesha in combing her work with design and technology, an area she is researching for her new show ‘Infinite Glimpse’ which has received funding from the Arts Council of England and Sky Arts.