Greg Sinclair (Children's Theatre, 2016)MacRobert Arts Centre

Greg Sinclair

Fellow in 2016 for Children's Theatre

Greg Sinclair is a musician and performance artist. He plays cello, composes music for theatre, and creates his own performance work. Greg outlines two defining characteristics of his work: he starts with a musical idea; he works with children as collaborators.
His first piece, ‘Ditto’ (2011) followed extensive research into children’s responses and understanding of music. Greg used the children’s responses as the text in the piece.
The idea for ‘Sonata for a Man and a Boy’ (2012) began with Greg reminiscing about starting to play the cello, aged 7. The piece is a meditation on music, masculinity and ageing and is performed by Greg alongside a 10-year-old boy. ‘Sonata’ won the Critics’ Award for Theatre in Scotland, Best Production for Children and Young People in 2013.
With ‘I Do, Do I’ Greg was inspired by the avant-garde art group Fluxus. He asked a group of children to write a series of instructions which he then performs in the show. ‘I Do, Do I’ won the inaugural Autopsy Award in 2013.
Greg’s most ambitious work to date, ‘As The Crow Flies’, was part of a large digital arts project with Imaginate called livescore. In this show, Greg performs alongside livestreamed performance by young people in Scotland and Belgium. A video capture is available to view here:
Greg currently has two new projects for young people in development: ‘Animals’ and ‘Lots and Not Lots’. ‘Animals’ is a co-production with Perth Theatre and will retell the true experiences of some children and their relationship with animals. ‘Lots and Not Lots’ will be a bizarre mix of complex mathematics, singing and movement and will be performed by two adults, two teenagers and two children.