Michael Lloyd (Metalwork, 1995)

Michael Lloyd

Fellow in 1995 for Metalwork


I am a naturalist and most of my work reflects and pays homage to the beauty of nature . I have allways been concerned with the 4th dimension of an object , our emotional response for I feel

objects and environments can have both healingĀ or destructive powers. In a world full of stuff I have no wish to make objects unless they have the power to enrich us spiritually.


‘The Candle of reconciliation ‘ is a commission I have just completedĀ  . It reminds us of the horrrors of the 1st world war , and the lighting of the candle is a gesture of the living to the dead that one day we should learn the necessity to avoid such conflicts and their sacrifice should not be entirely futile .[[The Sculpture includes a German identity tag and a bullet removed from a British soldier.]

I am currently working for an exhibition at the Scottish Gallery Edinburgh opening June 2020.