Quay Brothers (Animation, 2004)Maska

Quay Brothers

Fellow in 2004 for Animation

The Quay Brothers—identical twins Stephen and Timothy—were born near Philadelphia, and educated at the University of the Arts (Philadelphia College of Art at the time they attended) and then the RCA in London where they moved to in 1969. Internationally recognized and honored filmmakers, the Quays are known for their use of stop-motion animation and exquisitely constructed sets in their lyrical films informed by Eastern European graphic, literary, and musical influences. They are major figures in the world of cinema, with numerous shorts and two feature films to their credit. Perhaps the best known work is Street of Crocodiles, based on the short novel of the same name by the Polish author and artist Bruno Schulz. This short film was selected by director and animator Terry Gilliam as one of the ten best animated films of all time. They have made two feature-length live action films: Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life and The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes. They also directed an animated sequence in the film Frida. The Quays were recently commissioned to produce a new film entitled Anatomica Asthetica which focuses on the history and collections of Philiadelphia College’s famed Mütter Museum. Planned release is Autumn 2011.