Simon Vincenzi (Live Performance Art, 2002)Infinite Pleasures

Simon Vincenzi

Fellow in 2002 for Live Performance Art

Simon Vincenzi is a London-based theatre director, choreographer and designer who has created a huge body of work over the past 20 years. Between 1996-2007 he joined with Frank Bock to form Bock & Vincenzi. During their 11-year partnership the duo made works for both adult and children audiences that include Three Forest Dances, In A Room Of Wood, Being Barely There I Saw You Too and Breathtaking. In 1999 Bock & Vincenzi began a seven-year research period culminating in both invisible dances…from afar – a work made to be heard on the telephone – and The Invisible Dances (2004-2006); a theatre work in three acts presented over three years.

Simon’s work continues to investigate the interface of theatre, movement and visual languages that often push the boundaries of expectation. Through an exploration of memory and oblivion, consciousness and the dissociation of the self, these different manifestations frequently tap into the unconscious – taking the audience/spectator into an uncertain and unknown landscape.
His on-going project Operation Infinity began in 2007 – a series of theatre works that inhabit different spaces and time frames and that are performed by the fictional theatre company Troupe Mabuse.