Yoav Segal (Video & Digital for Performance , 2015)Betterone Varmints

Yoav Segal

Yoav studied illustration at Bristol but then moved into film and animation working within social activism and documenting the work of overseas NGOs among other subjects. Describing himself as a ‘theatre obsessive’ (a theatre-regular since the age of 12) it is not surprising that his skills were later harnessed in a different direction.
His first piece of theatrical projection design was working with the core team responsible for The National Theatre’s critically acclaimed production of War Horse on the play Crow (Handspring UK and the London Olympics, 2012) written (an adaptation of Ted Hughes poetry collection) and directed by Mervyn Millar. Crow was praised by The Times as ‘a stunning piece of theatre’, particularly for the backdrop which, in collaboration with designer Holly Waddington, Yoav filmed, edited and projected his animations onto. The visceral dystopian setting caused critic Libby Purves to comment, ‘cave art, fiery chaos and rags of disjointed Universe are projected. You think that you are dreaming but it is no easy sleep…’. His success of experimenting with projection design and working creatively as a team led him to another project In Progress performed at Sadler’s Wells in 2013. The piece where Yoav contributed to the video art, involved flamenco dancer and choreographer Rocio Molina and b-boy dancers Wang Ramirez, and was created within a week as an immediate response to their movements during rehearsal. His latest project Varmints, directed by Sally Cookson, used projection throughout the piece and allowed Yoav’s theatre work to come into its own.