AF 2003 Fellow Carol Morley is running a #FridayFilmClub to get you through lockdown!

Arts Foundation Fellow for 2003 Carol Morley is running a #FridayFilmClub during lockdown!

“It’s every Friday at 8pm, open to all, and there is an option for discussion on Twitter afterwards. Screenings so far include two films in the public domain: Ida Lupino’s impressive film noir The Bigamist (1953), where marriage is the crime, and Nina Paley’s gloriously trippy, uplifting animation Sita Sings the Blues (2008), which features historical parallels of marriage alongside fantastic 1930s musical interludes by Annette Hanshaw. Knowing that we were watching these films simultaneously, as a connected audience, certainly helped my mind from drifting too far to the dark side.” – Carol in The Guardian.

To get involved, look up Carol on Twitter and follow her direction!

Image from A Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Carol’s latest movie choice