AF 2020 Fellow Onyeka Igwe writes on women’s bodies and archives for Feminist Review

Being Close to, With or Amongst, Onyeka Igwe

Feminist ReviewVolume 125, Issue 1, July 2020, Pages 44-53

“There is an oft-touted thought, which has perhaps fallen into adage for its authorlessness, that women carry archives in their bodies. It seems a romantic or old-fashioned thought—that bodies can be ‘a witness, testament and document’ and so are sites of history-making (Schneider, 2019). It is a thought that has been swept aside by an epistemological framework that has come to dominate how it is we know. And so, as a challenge to this, an ‘act of love against the foreclosures of reason’ (Singh, 2018, p. 29), I went looking for archival bodies.”


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