AF Fellow Alex Hartley publishes “The Clearing: A Report From the Future”, with Tom James, available online

“The Clearing was a vision of the future, built in the grounds of Compton Verney Art Gallery in Warwickshire, UK, from 2017 to 2020. We wanted to create a physical place where people could learn how to live in the collapsing world that’s coming our way. For the duration of 2017, The Clearing became part school, part shelter and part folly.

Late last year, we wrote and produced a report about the project. It aims to tell you what we did, why we did it, what worked and what didn’t. Most of all, the report aims to tell the reader how it felt to be at The Clearing, to stand outside our current world and peer into the next one.

Now, of course, we’re all outside the current world. So we wanted to make the report available to as many people as possible.

We’ve scanned it and put it online. There are two scans to choose from:
– There’s a low-res version to view or download here.
– And a deluxe, hi-res 280MB version here.

Massive thanks to Peter Cragg for his help in scanning it.

We’d recommend you download it, and view it two pages at a time (with cover page), for the full, technicolour experience.

We hope it’s a little helpful, or at least a little diverting, as the future happens around us. Take care, look after each other. It’s the beginning of a new age.

Alex Hartley and Tom James”