Elissa Brunato’s Radiant Matter join Sustainable Ventures investment portfolio

We’re delighted to share that Elissa Brunato’s (Materials Innovation Fellow, 2022) company, Radiant Matter has secured growth investment by joining the Sustainable Ventures portfolio.

“Sustainable Ventures is thrilled to announce our latest investment from our 6th Fund into Radiant Matter Ltd.

Radiant Matter is a new materials startup based in London developing high performance shimmer- and colour-effects from plant-based cellulose with applications across multi-billion dollar markets, including automotive, cosmetics, textiles, coatings and packaging.

Its technology leverages cellulose nanocrystals to create vibrant structural colours. Similar to the dazzling colours that are seen in nature, for example on peacock feathers, butterfly wings and beetles. Radiant Matter creates metallic-like glittering materials without the use of dyes, pigments, metals, minerals or plastics. Their technology will help manufacturers undertake the necessary transition away from microplastics and toxic colourants, which are being mandated by the evolving regulatory landscapes in the UK, EU and US.”

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