Iceboy Violet releases ‘Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion’

Iceboy Violet (Electronic Music Fellow, 2023) has released their new album ‘Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion’, with Fixed Abode Records!


“The inimitable auteur is working in their own lane, merging genres and exploding definitions”CLASH


We are thrilled that Iceboy Violet’s latest album has been released to critical acclaim! Iceboy Violet was the recipient of our £10,000 Arts Foundation Fellowship for Electronic Music earlier this year in Leeds.

Iceboy Violet’s last project, Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion is about the role desire and fantasy plays in our lives. What is considered fake is constantly constructing the world we want to live in and the people we want to be, as we brush up against fantasy, as we feel the everlasting tug of desire, our reality is pressed into shape almost entirely by daydreaming, hallucination, and yearning.

You can listen to and purchase a copy of ‘Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion’ on Bandcamp, and read more coverage here:


“Iceboy Violet’s most vividly realised work yet”Quietus


“an indelible rush of free-associative rhymes, ghostly textures, and shapeshifting vocals”Pitchfork


“a staple of the northwest experimental scene, with a shapeshifting sound”Dazed


All songs written, produced and performed by Iceboy Violet

Additional Vocals on “Black Gold” by Florence Sinclair

Additional Vocals on “Refracted” by Orlandor

Artwork credit: Oliver Kgh & Styling by Lou Webb