Listen to “An Orchestra of the Rainforest” by Nathaniel Mann on iPlayer

In 2018, musician Nathaniel Mann was learning first-hand from the ritual and music making practices of the Kuikuro Indigenous communities (Mato Grosso, Brazil). After being selected as an Arts Foundation finalist in our 2018 awards, he was able to pursue this project further, and ‘An Orchestra of the Rainforest’ was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 1st August.

You can listen to this powerful documentary on iPlayer now.


Nathaniel describes himself as ‘perpetually orbiting music and sound’. With an expansive practice which incorporates him in a myriad of roles including researcher, instrument maker, surround sound designer, curator, sonic artist, folk singer and archive digger, it’s not surprising he simplifies it down to ‘composer’ to encompass them all.