2019 Finalist Sung Tieu Solo Exhibition at Piper Keys

Piper Keys, 58a Artillery Lane London, E1 7LS

Sung Tieu, who has been shortlisted for the Arts Foundation Visual Arts Award 2019, is opening a solo exhibiton ‘Loveless’ at Piper Keys on 25th January.

For her exhibition Tieu configures a new audio and video work within a sculptural installation.

Inside the 18th century decor of the gallery, Tieu has installed two dining table units designed for challenging environments. Across their stainless steel surfaces empty food containers have been left, suggesting they have been recently used. Ambient sound hovers in the room. Composed from field recordings and audio libraries, the noise of kitchen alarms, gates slamming and neon lights flickering have been built in to a single dissonant rhythm that eventually transitions into a melody. Images move across a stainless-steel encased TV screen. The images, like the field recordings, are observational.