WATCH: balletLORENT’s online programme of video performances

balletLORENT, Directed by AF Fellow Liv Lorent, are growing their online program of video performances!⁠

Now showing⁠:

International Women’s Day 2021⁠

Film: The Lost Happy Endings Film⁠
Exclusive to Marquee TV⁠

Film: Rumpelstiltskin Film⁠
On Marquee TV & Sky Arts⁠

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Image from ANIMALIA (2021)⁠

Being pregnant. It’s an odyssey.⁠

A takeover of body and soul. Some say after becoming parent your heart will forever live outside your body. How do you get ready for that?⁠

A life as a performer, who has given everything to the audience and the art form, is about to confront the essentials of being an animal too.⁠

Our bodies change as we become a mother. We become feeder and soft furnishing as mothers. It can be a frightening thought, especially in those mad pregnancy dreams.⁠

Growing a baby and getting ready to give birth is not a pastel experience. It is not fragrant and soft focus and mumsy. It is becoming your most primal, and facing yourself and your capacity to survive, love and protect. It’s facing the eye of the storm.⁠