Alice Theobald (Visual Arts, 2019)It’s not who you are, it’s how you areBALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. 2015.

Alice Theobald

Shortlisted in 2019 for Visual Arts

Alice Theobald is a visual artist whose work spans a range of disciplines including moving image, performance, sound, writing and sculptural installation.
In her solo work, Theobald is interested in the construction of performance, specifically how people create characters on and off stage/screen.
Focusing her work on the division between appearance and authenticity, Theobald’s works “We May Believe Or We May Never Know” (2018) and “The Next Step” (2016) consider the roles we play in different scenarios by revealing the absurdities within our everyday lives.

Music plays a vital role in Theobald’s practice. She has been involved in the UK DIY post-punk and electronic music scene for over a decade, and produces the soundtracks to all her work. She is currently working on an ambitious opera – “The View From Behind The Futuristic Rose Trellis” – with her band Ravioli Me Away. Due to tour next year, it takes the audience through a multidimensional journey as ‘the trapped soul of humanity’ searches for a body that can give it meaning, while examining topics such as work, aspiration, failure, greed, hope and happiness.