Andrew Cranston (Painting, 2014)Illustration for a kafka story

Andrew Cranston

Fellow in 2014 for Painting

Glasgow based artist Andrew Cranston explores interior space as a catalyst for images, elaborating on situations experienced directly, or found in cinema, theatre and literature. By using fiction as his source material, he ensures that his subjects remain forever suspended in an impenetrable isolation such as in Man/Partition (2008) which imparts a despondent poetry about the creative process. In many of his paintings the walls are merely partitions and a dense background encroaches and encircles the picture, trapping whatever is within.
He describes himself as a ‘storyteller of sorts, staging observed and imaginary scenarios that often involve the human figure, engaged and absorbed in particular activities.’ He paints either in large or very small formats the latter often using multiple hardback book covers which he works on simultaneously as the individual layers of varnish dry.
Cranston is interested in the connection of painting with other disciplines. In 2012 he produced a poster for John Maclean’s short film ‘Pitch Black Heist’ the second version of which was a collaborative poster with Peter Doig for the screening of the film in Trinidad. In his 2009 exhibition as part of East International Cranston sought to draw a new relationship between textual and visual material creating 19 paintings and 6 book covers for the exhibition.