Andrew Lamb (Jewellery Design, 2010)Lenticular Brooch

Andrew Lamb

Fellow in 2010 for Jewellery Design

Master craftsman Lamb has devised a method which is totally unique in the making of gold jewellery. He works entirely by hand and uses very fine wire, gold and silver which are spun together to form optical patterns. These patterns initially appear solid, but come alive at the slightest movement with light reflections. Although he follows traditional craft techniques he has pushed the boundaries of gold to new levels. His aim is to create striking, yet delicately shaped pieces which appear to shift and change as the eye moves across them. Lamb finds inspiration in the linear patterns and structures abundant in nature and woven textiles.
In 2005 he was commissioned by De Beers to make a diamond, 18ct yellow gold and silver brooch which was presented by the Queen to Sir John Oxx, trainer of Azamour, winner of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes at Royal Ascot.

Andrew’s jewellery has been exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the UK and abroad, including the British Council’s Alchemy, an exhibition of Contemporary British Jewellery which toured to the Middle East in 2007. He has also exhibited work twice in selling exhibitions at Sotheby’s.