Ann Whitehurst

Fellow in 1995 for Painting

I am both an artist, and a political artist. I’m a working class socialist, disabled, feminist, lesbian and mature and witness from this varied, complex experience. As an artist I do a variety of work, some to keep me a little sane, some for sorrow, and some for hope that the future can be saved from the destructive nature of capitalism and the powerful, rich men who maintain it.

To be an artist is to question, explore, experiment, dream, research and invent.  I’m fascinated by the history, the development of thought/ideas: what this leads us to create, to believe. Art is diversity, opening any academic discipline, issue, material, subject, technology to exploration. Anything can be used to develop ideas and disrupt. The distinction between art and life is in constant flux; one blurred construct overlapping another, quivering in the process.

Recent projects include: Koffin Project & exhibition ‘Celebrating the burial of capitalism.’ ‘Who We Are Now,’ Oratory, Liverpool & launch DaDaFest. And in addition I was part of Liverpool’s Bluecoat retrospective exhibition celebrating history of the gallery.