Carol Morley (Documentary Making, 2003)Dreams of a life

Carol Morley

Fellow in 2003 for Documentary Making

Carol Morley came to prominence with her documentary The Alcohol Years, a BAFTA nominated, Grierson Awarded film that was later released on DVD to critical acclaim. The film masqueraded as an autobiography but became as much about the people in it as Morley herself.

Morley studied fine art film at Central St. Martins and makes films that challenge, in different ways, how stories are told and which often cross the boundaries between fact and fiction. Her themes explore ideas around class, place, memory and girlhood and are often inspired by newspaper stories.

Her work has been shown at major international festivals, at galleries, cinemas, on Channel 4, Film Four and has received many international broadcasts, including The Sundance Channel.

Morley’s first narrative feature film Edge- made on a micro budget- was premiered at the 54th London Film Festival. Her feature documentary Dreams of a Life, a five-year quest to go behind the headline of a thirty-eight year old woman who lay dead in her flat for three years, will be on release in 2012.