Dan Wilson (Electro Acoustic Composition, 2007)Biofe Guitar

Dan Wilson

Daniel spends much of his time working on building new instruments focussing on the interface and the way the instrument is actually heard. His research into solenoids and electromagnetic coils has led him to prototype a dot matrix printer where through the addition of a built in tone generator and step sequencer has created a different way of diffusing sound.
Alongside these hardware related interests he has been introducing the public to electroacoustic works through the act of ‘mediadropping’ which is the unsolicited placement of recordings on public spaces. His live performances include a reworking of David Tudor’s Rainforest IV at the Pestival, in the London Wetland Centre, at the Scala for Channel 4’s Ideas Factory and in South London Gallery as part of Peter Coffin’s perma-installation ‘Music for Plants’. One of Wilson’s major pieces ‘Corrosion Suite’ is an electromagnetic work involving feeding sounds to electromagnetic coils thereby creating an energy field that induced any metal object placed nearby to resonate. He used a range of household objects including kettles, dustbins, grilles and biscuit tins to create the piece which was composed and recorded for the European Radio symposium in 2005.