Darren Harvey-Regan (Still Life Photography, 2013)Aletheia Lambda print with taxidermy bird and metal stand, overall height 188cm, 2010

Darren Harvey-Regan

Shortlisted in 2013 for Still Life Photography

Darren Harvey Regans’s first body of work Elisions was shown at London’s Room Gallery in 2011. It explored how language and visual representation meet a point of resistance in the idea of the animal, something with its own experience of the world from which we will always be denied. The central piece Aletheia clearly illustrated his view of still life photography being a concentrated form of looking, pointing simultaneously into the world and at itself.

Darren’s next body of work Grounds focused more on the nature of photographic representation, how an object is seen, is portrayed and ideas constructed, particularly the materiality of the photographic surface. His work often takes a sculptural form by presenting photographs as objects in their own right – free standing mounted blocks, folded or pinned paper – as well as framed images.