Emily Portman (Folk Music, 2011)Emily Portman. Photo by Elly Lucas

Emily Portman

Shortlisted in 2011 for Folk Music

Emily Portman is a singer, writer and concertina player based in the North East of England. With a BBC Folk Award nomination for her work with harmony trio the Devil’s Interval, Emily is already a rising star on the UK folk scene. After years immersed in traditional songs Emily’s return to songwriting has already grabbed attention through her debut album The Glamoury which was released in March this year. The songs explore the dark and magical elements of female voices in folktales and ballads ‘allowing them to resonate in the contemporary world’ she explains. The album received overwhelming critical acclaim with the Observer hailing it as ‘A remarkable and original debut’ and Radio 2 proclaiming it ‘The raw stuff of the great ballads’. Her vocal talents have attracted the likes of acclaimed songwriter Alasdair Roberts to feature on his most recent album and remaining a fixture in the Waterson: Carthy tours since 2006 and selected album recordings.