Eugenia Ivanissevich (Still Life Photography, 2013)Los Mares (Seas)

Eugenia Ivanissevich

The potential of everyday inanimate objects to tell stories within a photographic frame was first seen in Eugenia’s work in 2008 with Running, a pop-up collage which used repetition and configuration of colour and paper folds to recreate the illusion of an object moving. In order to frame the scenes she started to limit the viewers experience of the of the installation to one singular point of view in the room using photographic visual documentation reminiscent of still life painting and photography. She enrolled on a Photography MA where her device of placing an image within an image was developed further using her own collection of photographs from trips abroad creating a sense of travelling in fragments while including objects which are symbolic of the studio.

Eugenia recently spent time in rural South America researching and gathering photographic material toward her next project.

Her work is soon on show at PINTA London 2014, booth B 05 “Pinta Photo”