Fabio Hendry (Designer-Makers , 2019)Hot Wire ExtensionsProcess Photo 2017, Sand, Waste Nylon Powder, Nichromewire.

Fabio Hendry

Shortlisted in 2019 for Designer-Makers

Fabio Hendry is a designer whose work seeks to explore new potentials for ‘overlooked matter’. He is interested in the analysis of high tech and future industries and takes inspiration from nature’s ability to adapt and find new ways to improve.

Hendry co-founded Studio ilio in 2015 which seeks to redefine and find new purposes for existing content and materials. Hot Wire Extensions (2014-2016) for example, explores the possibility of reusing waste nylon powder – a by-product of the 3D printing process.

In a similar vein, Hendry’s Stalla Libra – Art Space (2011-present) project examines the capacity of abandoned buildings to be repurposed in a community through the introduction of culture. Located in a small Swiss mountain village of a Sedrun, the Stalla Libra is a barn that Hendry rescued from demolition, turning it into an arts space to showcase local artists and craftspeople.

Hendry is passionate about finding connections within industries and regularly addresses this in his work. In The Soft Side of Steel (2015-2016) he encouraged manufacturers to explore collaborations with different industries, looking at the material of steel wool ‘from a blacksmith’s perspective with a tailor’s ideology’.