Frances Geesin (Textiles, 2003)

Frances Geesin

Fellow in 2003 for Textiles

“Making things, the feeling that I want to know what I don’t
and want to see what I cannot,
makes my hands work.”
(Yoshiko Takemura)

Ideas frequently emerge from and are suggested by the materials and processes I use. Sometimes I collaborate with others to create jewellery and accessories or interactive textile panels enabling work to be created which otherwise would not exist. The electroplating of textiles, creating rigidity from soft fluid surfaces, continues to present numerous challenges and poetic possibilities.

The Japanese textile artist Umeda experienced the earthquake near Matsushima in 2011. She invited me to respond for an unprecedented art event designed to support Matsushima by creating new textile works. The aim was to express hope for the people with a positive vision titled ’Peaceful’. It was a challenging opportunity and I found techniques that were new to me and celebrated the people’s positive attitude to progressing with their lives. It was a privilege to contribute having enjoyed numerous kindnesses from Japanese artists when exhibiting there in the past.

I enjoy the opportunities derived from collaboration with others from science, engineering and Nano technology. I am fascinated by Nano technology and have enjoyed assistance from scientist permitting me to use their images for factual information. They formed a basis for exhibitions and on line competitions.

Some of these Nano images have been selected for a Moon Arts Project. They will be incorporated into a MoonArk: in 2019, Carnegie Mellon University is sending the first ark or museum to the Moon aboard an Astrobotic Lander. When the lunar mission is finished, it is intended that the MoonArk will remain on the moon as an enduring time capsule depicting elements of Earth’s art, architecture, design, music, drama, ballet, poetry, sciences, humanities, and technologies.