GLOR1A (Digital Art, 2023)SWARM Avatar


Shortlisted in 2023 for Digital Art

GLOR1A is a boundary-defying multidisciplinary artist exploring Black futurism through emotive music, digital art and intoxicating tech-laced live performances in physical and metaphysical spaces. The self-proclaimed alien is a non-conformist in approach, taking inspiration from ancestral myth and sci-fi, challenging the under-representation of Black femmes in this space. Her work is a diary from the womb questioning the binary constructs of life. In 2021 she released her second EP METAL hailed as an essential release by Bandcamp, Pitchfork, and Okay Africa, which introduced GLOR1A’s alter ego, GLOR1A 2.0 a Black gynoid created by Dark Matter Inc, tasked to scour the world collecting facial recognition data.

Over the past three years, GLOR1A has exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide. From creating Dystopian Futures, an IG interview series during covid exploring technology’s effect on different art forms (ICA and Deformal Gallery NYC), to SWARM a multiplayer metaverse which hosts live performances whilst taking audiences on a journey of queer theory and binary decoding (Rewire Festival, ICA, FACT Liverpool, Uzwei Germany, Mutek Montreal) and Dark Matter Inc, a video piece exploring black capitalism and data security (Rele Gallery Lagos, ICA London).

In 2021 she opened a group exhibition, Channel B, at The Institute of Contemporary Arts London with her collective Nine Nights focusing on Black futurism, with artists Gaika and Shannen SP. The exhibition platforming Black artists created a counterculture to the white cube, bringing live and visual art, technology and live music to Pall Mall in London.

In 2022 GLOR1A exhibited virtually for Mutek and Noves Frequeces in Brazil and brought a new project I Choose Not To Die, an Augmented Reality live stage show exploring death and rebirth through the recolonisation of nature in urban space to stages in Argentina and Brazil. Her latest piece is Breathepod, a visual art installation accessing information transfer between trees and humans to save our planet, premiering in No Ar Coquetel Molotov in Brazil aiming to further develop this concept throughout cities worldwide in 2023.