Ian Wild

Finalist in 2011 for Short Story Writing

A writer with many strings to his bow, Ian Wild has worked as a composer, theatre director, scriptwriter and community arts project director – where he did everything from writing opera to building a 3-D sign for a Sikh temple.

After returning to his native Ireland in 1990 from the UK, Wild turned his attention to the short story form, where he fell into writing comedic magic realism. The voice he had created through scriptwriting worked well with short stories, where the ability to write compressed dramatic narratives proved to be an advantage. His short stories went on to be published in a number of magazines, and his first collection, The Woman Who Swallowed the Book of Kells, was published in 2000. His short story Ten Pint Ted won The Fish International Short Story Prize in 2009 and was published in the Fish Anthology.

Since then he has written a trilogy of plays as well as many children’s short stories for broadcast on RTE radio.

On the craft of writing the short story Banks says, “I want each one to take place in a unique world of its own. I demand that every story has a narrative potency and that in taking a reader on a journey, something happens and the destination matters. I am increasingly interested in the texture of prose itself, and how it might change according to the demands of each narrator, story or voice. I want each sentence to be poetic, vital and for every word to count.”