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ArtistFellowYearArt FormCategories
Phoebe Boswell2023Place Writing
Aida Edemariam2023Place Writing
Gaia HolmesFellow2023Place Writing
Saira Niazi2023Place Writing
Garry MacKenzie2021Environmental Writing Supported by The Yoma Sasburg Estate
Nancy Campbell2021Environmental Writing Supported by The Yoma Sasburg Estate
Joanna PocockFellowTestimonial2021Environmental Writing Supported by The Yoma Sasburg Estate
Selina Nwulu2021Environmental Writing Supported by The Yoma Sasburg Estate
Jess Taylor2020Comics
Zara Slattery2020Comics
Esther McManusFellowTestimonial2020Comics
Danny Noble2020Comics
Teleri Lloyd-Jones2014Arts Journalism
Sophie Hughes2016Literary Translation
Marina Benjamin2017Creative Non-Fiction
Rosalind Harvey2016Literary Translation
Rob Auton2015Spoken Word
Colette Kane2014Playwriting
Philip Clark2014Arts Journalism
John Doran2014Arts Journalism
Sean Buckley2013Screenwriting
Sam Willetts2012Poetry
Harry Wootliff2013Screenwriting
Toby Martinez de las Rivas2012Poetry
Jen Hadfield2012Poetry
Fiona Benson2012Poetry
Ian Wild2011Short Story Writing
Kevin Barry2011Short Story Writing
Joanna Quinn2011Short Story Writing
James McKay2010Graphic Novels
Mike PhillipsFellow1996Thriller Writing
Michel FaberFellow2001Short Story Writing
Karen LawsFellow2006Comedy Writing
Sarah KaneFellow1998Playwriting
Mark McNayFellow2007New Fiction
Isobel HarbisonFellow2014Arts Journalism
Hollie McNishFellow2015Spoken Word
Deborah SmithFellow2016Literary Translation
Alice OswaldFellow1996Poetry
Ali SmithFellow2001Short Story Writing
Ahren WarnerFellow2012Poetry
Adam MarekFellow2011Short Story Writing
Sabrina Mahfouz2015Spoken Word
Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp2016Literary Translation
Ross Sutherland2015Spoken Word
Olivier Kugler2017Creative Non-Fiction
Karrie Fransman2010Graphic Novels
Jemima Foxtrot2015Spoken Word
Jack Underwood2017Creative Non-Fiction
Bill Bragg2010Graphic Novels
Tim TurnbullFellow2006Performance Poetry
Linda FranceFellow1993Poetry
Ken CockburnFellow2008Literary Translation
Katrina PorteousFellow2003Poetry
Kate BrownFellow2010Graphic Novels
Joanna WalshFellowTestimonial2017Creative Non-Fiction
Alice Hillier2019Poetry Supported by The David Collins Foundation
Will HarrisFellow2019Poetry Supported by The David Collins Foundation
Robert Herbert McClean2019Poetry Supported by The David Collins Foundation
Eley Williams2018Literature: 25th Anniversary Awards
Sally Jane Thompson2018Literature: 25th Anniversary Awards
Racheal Ofori2018Literature: 25th Anniversary Awards
Sophie HughesFellow2018Literature: 25th Anniversary Awards
Wayne Holloway-Smith2018Literature: 25th Anniversary Awards
Ella Frears 2019Poetry Supported by The David Collins Foundation