Iceboy Violet (Electronic Music, 2023)Iceboy Violet. Photo by Ana Radtsenko

Iceboy Violet

Fellow in 2023 for Electronic Music

When talking to people about how the fellowship changed things, and how becoming a full-time musician changed things I used this concrete example: My first full-length project took me 4 years to complete in the midst of full-time nightlife employment, 2023 saw me complete 2 full-length projects and an EP, one of those full-length projects releasing this year on the label that I was aiming to end up on 10 years down the line. 

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Iceboy Violet is a Manchester-based producer, vocalist and DJ. Their sound combines dark melancholic electronics with a powerfully raw vocal delivery. Their lyrics are honest and vulnerable, inspired by the energy and resistance of Grime music in particular and MC music in general, dancing between genres with an aim to erode the boundaries we face collectively.