Indre Serpytyte (Still Life Photography, 2013)7 Margio / 21 Vytauto Street, Alytus, 2014. Former NKVD – MVD – MGB – KGB Buildings Lambda prints on fibre based paper, 49.2 x 61.3 cm

Indre Serpytyte

Shortlisted in 2013 for Still Life Photography

Much of Indre Serpytyte’s work examines the issues of memory, trauma and loss related to her own family history and that of her native Lithuania using a sophisticated combination of archival research, sculpture and photography. Her series A State of Silence encompasses a series of images based around the mysterious death of her father Albinas Serpytis former Head of Government Security who is the subject of her indefatigable investigations.

Her project 1944-1991 begins with a series of photographs of sites of repression and violence which then form the basis for her own complex representations of these same places. She makes models of the sites transforming them into crime scene objects as if being interrogated in a historical trial whilst the models themselves interrogate the viewer. For this work she was awarded a National Media Bursary to produce a limited edition publication from the project.