Isobel Harbison (Arts Journalism, 2014)

Isobel Harbison

Fellow in 2014 for Arts Journalism

Isobel started writing reviews for the Irish art magazine Circa in 2004 and has since contributed to a wide range of magazines, journals, catalogues and publications in Europe and the US. Bringing new work to readers’ attention is an aspect of art criticism she considers important, focusing on emerging artists and galleries as well as artists about whom relatively little has been published such as the Cuban painter Carmen Herrera (Frieze issue 126) and American filmmaker Ericka Beckman (Frieze issue 150).

Over the past 10 years she has developed the depth and format of her writing in reviews, features and columns for magazines including Frieze, Kaleidoscope, Modern Painters and Tate Etc., as well essays on artists’ works for museum catalogues and critical anthologies. Most recently Isobel has written several opinion pieces that take popular cultural icons or symbols to analyse our cultural value systems as in ‘Belittled Women’ (Frieze issue 145) and ‘London Pictures’ (Kaleidoscope-press).
She is currently doing in-depth long-form research about the activity and economy of ‘prosumerism’ in relation to contemporary art practice.

Isobel’s articles often develop into curatorial projects in different galleries. She curated Erika Beckman’s first career retrospective screening at the Tate Modern in September 2013.