Juan Gaviria (Hip Hop Dance, 2019)

Juan Gaviria

Shortlisted in 2019 for Hip Hop Dance

Colombian-born Juan Gaviria, AKA Bboy Spin, is a London-based breakdancer who represents the Soul Mavericks Crew. Known for his versatility and precise style, he is a regular at international competitions and events in various roles as competitor, judge or educator.

Being the oldest competitive member of his crew, Gaviria is an active example for the younger members to follow. He is an advocate of the grass roots crew aesthetic and takes on the responsibility of pushing his dancers, whilst facilitating new members. His philosophy is that natural talent can only take you so far and that the rest depends on the individual’s commitment to training.

Soul Mavericks have won a number of international battles, including Unbreakable (2018, Belgium), and Gaviria works hard to develop training methods that keep his crew in peak physical and mental fitness. Techniques such as his ‘rule of 3’ allow him to impose a loose level of structure on his dancers, but without restricting their freedom.

Alongside his work and wins with Soul Mavericks, Gaviria has won multiple solo titles including Rock to the Floor Spain 1v1 (2017) and Battle of Year Central Europe Solo Qualifier Champion (2016, 2017).