Kate Brown (Graphic Novels, 2010)Faith Says You volume 1: It's Dark Outside by

Kate Brown

Fellow in 2010 for Graphic Novels

Fascinated early on by Japanese and European comics, Kate was captivated by the variety of ways of portraying art and story. She has worked for a variety of companies including Marvel, SelfMadeHero, Historic Royal Palaces, Hasbro, ILEX Press, Robinson and RandomHouse/David Fickling Books.

Following the softcover self-publication of Fish + Chocolate, the project was subsequently picked up for publication by SelfMadeHero, one of the UK’s most progressive publishers of comics. It was released as a hardback through their Original Fiction Line.

Her other recent work includes a strip in NELSON (Blank Slate Books). The title collects many of the UK’s top comic artists, collaborating together to create an exquisite-corpse style book detailing the life of one woman. She guested on issue #6 of the acclaimed new run of Marvel’s Young Avengers by Gillen and McKelvie, and also branched out into animation, creating a piece about King Edward V and his little brother — the notorious tale of the Princes in the Tower — for the Tower of London.

You’ll also find Kate’s work among the pages of the weekly children’s comic, The Phoenix. Her strip, The Lost Boy, ran from issue #1 to issue #35, and her new collaboration with Neill Cameron — Tamsin and the Deep — began in issue #118.