Klein (Experimental Music, 2020)39


Fellow in 2020 for Experimental Music

Klein often uses her live shows at a tool to reappropriate sounds. In a sense, taking sounds you couldn’t imagine in an electronic setting, and either just placing it as it is or manipulating it to sound like classical genres, making you realise that a lot of these genres are not far off from each other. An example could be Klein playing the instrumental of Soulja Boy’s Vampire Gang, and without the context of knowing how who it is, the audience thinking it could be an experimental classical record.

In 2018, after seeing her production A Coming of Age (Southbank, 2017) Klein was commissioned by the ICA to compose and direct a new musical, entitled Care (2018). Set in a care home where after a magical turn of events, the kids are transported into a mystical world, the production drew on themes of fantasy, fairytales and club culture.

This year, Klein has been touring a “constantly evolving” live show for her new album Lifetime (2019) at venues such as the Serpentine and New York’s MoMA, involving extensive bands of instrumentalists, dancers and vocalists, as well as ‘technology suits’ which connect touch and sound, turning Klein’s hands into midi-controllers.