Lynne Collins (Still Life Photography, 2013)THE TRESPASSER 6

Lynne Collins

Shortlisted in 2013 for Still Life Photography

Lynne Collins began her career as a sculptor and painter, and for 25 years worked in the film and television industry as an artist and model maker. Her experience with studio film sets is a big influence on her photographic work, combined with present-day environmental issues. She often uses abandoned buildings as the backdrop and setting, as in her series titled The Trespasser, which was also inspired by the still life paintings of the 17th Century Dutch masters.

Lynne’s images have been lit to appear as paintings but with the addition of a suggestive background with which she offers a commentary on modern life as one of over-consumption and wastefulness. Lynne’s work is being shown in galleries in major cities around the world supported by Lumas which is based in Berlin. She is also supported by a gallery in Brazil, Democrart. In the UK Lynne’s images are shown on a regular basis in the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol where she has received the RWA photography award and the best in show award.