Patrick Davison (Craft :25th Anniversary Award, 2018)

Patrick Davison

Shortlisted in 2018 for Craft :25th Anniversary Award

Patrick Davison is a jewellery and object designer working with metal and mixed materials. His unique process-led practice involves constant experimentation – from discovering the effects of either soldering or fusing metals together to testing the elasticity of metal sheets prior to cutting.

Selected pieces include Box (2015), made by soldering tubes of metal together to create a rod that can be sliced into tiles that form the intricate surfaces of the titular object. Necklace (2016) – one of many in Davison’s extensive jewellery collection – employs flexible, multi-linked loops made with Shibuichi and Sterling silver, using an 18ct gold box clasp.

Works like these incorporate Davison’s breadth of knowledge, acquired from Italian goldsmiths in Padua, such as Stefano Marchetto and Giovanni Corvaja. Not often seen these days his skill in this field is, he says ‘learnt from their precision, understanding of design and mastery of material’. Added to this he has also worked with jewellers and engravers like Jesper Velling, Rauni Higson and Angus McFayden bringing detail and scope to his creations and allowing him to explore vast new areas of jewellery and silversmithing.