Rachael Champion (Sculpture, 2013)Primary ProducersHales Gallery, London, 2014

Rachael Champion

Fellow in 2013 for Sculpture

Rachael Champion (b. 1982, Long Island, New York, USA) makes site-specific artworks that explore the physical, material, and historical relationships between ecology, industry, and the built environment. Her works are large in scale and typically consist of living organisms and ubiquitous building materials. Her work addresses the corporeality of the materials we extract, transform, and consume and how these actions affect the physical characteristics of landscapes and ecosystems.

I am contemplating materials beyond their physicality and into the realm of their origins in relation to Earth’s history. I aim to assert and express an interconnectivity between humans and the environment that has become paramount to communicate in the face of climate change.”

Champion’s work has been exhibited in a number of recognised institutions including The Whitechapel Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, Modern Art Oxford, Zabludowicz Collection, and Socrates Sculpture Park. She has made a number of site-specific installations in a variety of contexts including commercial galleries, artist-run exhibition spaces, and remote landscapes. Rachael is a graduate of the Royal Academy Schools. She is represented by Hales Gallery London / New York.