Richard DeDomenici (Live Performance Art, 2011)Richard de Domenici

Richard DeDomenici

Shortlisted in 2011 for Live Performance Art

Since graduating with a first in Fine art from Cardiff, Richard DeDominici has produced, on average, a work of art every fortnight. This proliferation has borne some rich, radical and highly acclaimed fruit. From the Edinburgh Festival to the National Theatre – via Beijing, Iceland and New York – his performances have entertained, challenged and transformed.

He says of his work, “I believe that art can change the world and that it only takes a very small action to make a big effect. My work straddles the worlds of high art and low grade civil disobedience. I also use humour. In our cynical world, this is a far better way to break through barriers than hard-nosed political rhetoric.”

In Quit Flappin, Richard attempted to disprove Chaos Theory by dressing up as a butterfly, flapping his wings in Central Park in New York and then telephoning the Japaneese coastguard service to see if any tidal waves had struck. In the commissioned performance Rolling Stones Beijing, he dressed up as Mick Jagger, singing songs in Beijing’s streets that had been banned by the Ministry of Culture during the Stones’ tour that same year. He says, “I was hoping to incite a political revolution, although this has yet to occur”.

Rhodri Marsden in The Guardian writes that Richard is “One of the most creative artists I’ve ever met…Beautiful acts of absurdity highlighting more serious issues”. While Time Out London simply predicts: “This is the future”.