Rita Parniczky (Materials Innovation, 2015)X-Ray Vault series II no IIExhibition view 2016

Rita Parniczky

Shortlisted in 2015 for Materials Innovation

Rita Parniczky primarily works with weave, installation, photography and light. Her work explores the interaction between structure and light. Fascinated by the invisible structures of objects and materials, she investigates ideas based on materiality, change, time and human experience. In her ongoing woven work X-Ray Series she continues to study the visual transformation of the material as light passes through its structure. She brings to life the material through instillation and performance with sunlight; a spectacle which may only exist in a particular location and moment in time, marking time in space whilst evoking a sense of chance.

Her growing interest in addressing the array of issues of light pollution, human behaviour towards light, and shifting definitions of light and darkness is the subject she wishes to further explore in her work.

Parniczky is recipient of Perrier-Jou√ęt Arts Salon Prize 2016 and Peter Collingwood Trust Award 2016, and nominations include The Hospital Club h.Club 100 Award.