Sara MacKillop (Sculpture, 2014)

Sara MacKillop

Shortlisted in 2014 for Sculpture

London-based artist Sara MacKillop is interested in the sculptural presence of that which is barely manifest, engaging with work which takes the form of minimal changes to overlooked or everyday objects. She often works with objects which originally were part of analogue communication systems but, due to technological advancements, have slipped from use such as found items of stationary, objects of administration, the sleeves and packaging of music and video. Some say her work evinces a form of melancholia even nostalgia through the portrayal of these defunct objects producing ‘a kind of informal formalism’ as noted by the director of White Columns in NY where she showed in 2011.

Sara uses paper as her main material in her works using its inherent instability and transient quality to portray vulnerability particularly when positioned with a sense of the temporary in gallery spaces. In a series of works with till-receipt rolls, she reconfigures the paper not to show its process of repetition, addition and transaction as is apparent in works from German artist Peter Roehr in the 1960s, but instead its subtle variance and unravelling, a sign of coming to an end, of disposability, that is reworked to become a starting point.

Sara has exhibited internationally in group and solo shows. Her latest solo exhibition ‘Post’ at Konsthalle, Charlottenborg involved posting her work to the venue where a team installed the work according to her instructions.