Sophie Koko Gate (Animation, 2022)Hotel Kalura, 2021

Sophie Koko Gate

Shortlisted in 2022 for Animation

London based Sophie Koko Gate works in the ‘untouched territory’ that lies between experimental and mainstream animation. She sees her practice as a parallel existence that runs alongside ours, creating strangely familiar characters that live on behind the scenes, ageing and changing design with the films telling stories, evoking a feeling or simply to escape. Her film Half Wet (2015) explores ideas around ageing – specifically the loss of water or evaporation of one’s self as we near death.  Sophie adds, ‘I wish animation could give off scent. ‘Half Wet’ would be the smell of a hot country crossed with your ex-lovers deodorant’.

A later film, Slug Life (2018) centers around Tanya, a curious woman who after exhausting all options on the post-apocalyptic land she inhabits, has developed a taste for non-human lovers. Her bedroom experiments result in the creation of a beautiful giant slug but can such a perfect creature survive in this gnarly world full of freaks and beefs? In 2020 Sophie collaborated with Adult Swim to create a Rick and Morty Bumper short, Brunch, which sees the iconic duo unravel into insanity while “off duty” in a rehab-like resort, waiting for their fourth season to be released – ‘a relaxed mind is a dangerous thing for the unhinged, forever haunted by the memories of the last three seasons’.