Tabitha Moses (Textile Art, 2010)TAbitha moses

Tabitha Moses

Shortlisted in 2010 for Textile Art

Liverpool-based Tabitha Kyoko Moses scours junk shops and flea markets, collecting souvenirs and relics which weigh heavy with memory and the marks of time. She is interested in transforming the discarded and overlooked- morphing materials into objects that speak with beauty and eloquence, of human relationships.

Moses originally trained as an embroiderer, then worked in costume for nine years for film and TV. Following an MA in textiles at Manchester Met in 2002, she went on to exhibit her work internationally, with residencies in Bangladesh and Pakistan and went on to win awards including the Embroiderers’ Guild Scholarship in 2003.

Moses likes to play with contradiction; a viewer might be seduced by an exquisite embroidery only to be repelled when they see it is worked in human hair. Old dolls wrapped as mummies, collars and detachable cuffs and a purse made from a sash of dark human hair are among her creations. Her work gives Moses permission to interact with people, spaces and places on a profound level.