Victoria Browne (Printmaking, 2013)Swarm (Training Nature series), 2012

Victoria Browne

Shortlisted in 2013 for Printmaking

Victoria Browne works on a myriad of different levels within the artform. In 2009 she formed KALEID editions, a platform for promoting European artists’ books and two years later set up a printmaking studio in London offering affordable facilities to artists.

Her own work over the past four years has included both cutting-edge and traditional techniques, combining an act of creative intention with mechanical precision and digital innovation. Her choice of technique relies on extensive research to amplify the concept, appropriating historical material from public collections, rather than creating an artist’s signature or aesthetic style.

She was awarded the Birgit Skïold Award for Excellence in 2011 and 2012. In her recent show Training Nature, Victoria developed a series of reduction relief prints inspired by the Flemish dedication to topiary, highlighting our attempts to improve nature through constant pruning and shaping.